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A mission to make world foods accessible for all.

Starting with hundreds of South Asian groceries. (We will move into African, Middle Eastern, and so on in the close future.)

No more limited world food aisles in supermarkets. With us, you can shop at the comfort of your own homes, getting all these unique ingredients to whip up a exciting cuisines at home, to share.

  • High quality and affordable pricing!

    Trying to get that green cardamom? Too expensive? Spices in the supermarket seem stale?

    We got you covered! We import small quantity of spices regularly to avoid storing them for too long.

  • Hundreds of home favourites.

    Our mission is to share with you the world of flavours to your homes. Have you heard of banana ketchup?!

  • Delivered fast!

    We deliver 1-2 days after your order is placed! We pride ourselves in our delivery services.