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In Ayurvedic medicine, foxtail millets are used to make medicine sweet, light and dry. This makes them useful because they are nourishing as well as satisfying, but also light and easily digestible. In western medic, foxtail millets are a non-acid forming food, non-glutinous, and highly nutritious. This makes them easily digestible, soothing and are useful for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.



Foxtail Millet is generally cooked as a porridge as a healthy breakfast in the morning, but there are many other ways to incorporate millet in your cooking. You can add raw millet into quick breads, or muffins, quick breads for extra crunch. You can use millets in while making granola bars. Use Foxtail millet to thicken soups, or as a base for warm grain salads. You can also buy millet grits which are extremely quick-cooking and are wonderful in any preparation you'd think to use polenta or grits.The Foxtail millets can be eaten with any gravy dish or with hot sambar or as a substitute for rice.