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Kodo Millet, otherwise called Varagu rice or kodra in hindi, has been developed and expended in the southern piece of India for quite a long time. Millets are a gathering of exceptionally factor little seeded grasses, generally developed the world over as oat crops/grains. Millets are additionally one of a kind because of their short developing season. They can create from planted seeds to develop, prepared to collect plants in as meager as 65 days. The two motivations to eat millets are nourishing and ecological.



By eating millets, we will energize ranchers in dry landareas to develop crops that are most appropriate for those locales. This is a stage towards manageable editing rehearses and bio-decent variety. Kodo millet is a flexible fixing and can be cooked like rice or utilized in plans as a rice alternate.It can likewise be utilized to make porridge,upma,dhoklas,idlis and a falafel of sorts with the expansion of tofu and vegetables. It can likewise fill in as a plate of mixed greens base.